STR Series

Taxi LED Screen

Pixel Pitch (mm):  5mm
Brightness (nits): 5500nits
Application: Street advertising, Mobile advertising for car
Environments: Outdoor
IP Rating: IP65

Key Features

Double sided led screen for taxi top;
Brightness brightness adjustable;
Easy to install and maintain;
4G,WiFi,GPS,USB control;
IP65 Waterproof
STR Series


Taxi top led display, also called taxi roof led display or taxi top led sign, is a a new type of electronic media platform that mobile display advertising with elegant and attractive appearance. Taxi top led display is mainly installed on cars, taxis and other vehicles as a terminal carrier. Different from traditional LED display, our taxi roof LED display features low energy consumption, waterproof Protection, easy Installation and Maintenance that can be totally for the long-term usage.


Slim and light Design

Slim and light design, our taxi roof LED display cabinet weighs only 11kg, and cabinet thickness measures only 9cm.
STR Series

Brightness Adjusting Automatically & Energy efficient

Our taxi roof LED display can consumes 180W on average , and brightness can reach 5000nits & adjusted intelligently by the built-in brightness sensor. will be 30% less than traditional LED display power consumption

STR Series

Wireless and remote control, smart play list

· Smart Asynchronous Control
· Location Precise Advertising 
· 3G/4G/WIFI/USB control
· Group Intelligent Control(GIC System),
· Advertising Management System
· GPS real-time monitoring

STR Series

Easy Installation and Fast Maintenance

Combined with a modular design of different parts, that we can get it easily installed and quickly for maintenance. You can easily insert and remove the sim card to change control methods as well. And we can offer different racks for different cars when installation.

STR Series

Customized Color Design

We offer a customized design package that includes frame, LEDs selection, and different control method options.

STR Series




Pixel Pitch 5mm
Brightness Level 5500nits
Refresh Rate >3,840 Hz
Viewing Angle 160° / 160°
Physical Density 40,000 pixels / m²
Module Dimension 320 x 160 mm
Cabinet Resolution 192 × 64 pixels 
Cabinet Width 960 mm
Cabinet Height 320mm
Cabinet Weight 45 kg
Max Power Consumption 500 W/m²
Ave Power Consumption 200 W/m²
Voltage Range AC100-240V(50-60Hz)
Operating Temperature −10°C ~ +45°C
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Protection Rating IP65