Outstanding Service & Support

Providing outstanding service and support is what sets SHANGJIA LED apart from the competition.

Our experienced team provides technical support throughout all stages of the process, from selection and customisation through to supply, installation and commissioning of your LED display project. But our support doesn’t end there, we continue to provide support after the completion of the project to ensure maximum quality, performance and lifespan of the installed LED screen technology and ensuring a great return on your investment.


Ongoing Support

The service and support continues after the installation of the SHANGJIA LED screen as we work with our clients to sustain maximum quality, performance and lifespan of the installed LED display systems. This ongoing support is reflected through our provision of preventative maintenance programs and regular servicing tailored specifically for each project.

In addition to offering Service and Maintenance agreements, SHANGJIA LED also provides training to our clients which ensures the LED screen has the potential to perform at its optimum far beyond the warranty period.  We appreciate that LED screens are investments for companies and the best way to receive a Return on Investment, is regular maintenance and reporting.

Another example of our extensive support is demonstrated through our patented Display Monitoring System included in our LED display software.  Many LED Screens will be difficult to access in the event of requiring maintenance, or indeed the client may not even be in the area to see the screen or be aware of any technical problems.  At SHANGJIA LED we appreciate that any downtime suffered is costing our clients’ money which is why our real-time reporting software is a critical part of the service and support we provide.

Industry Experts

Our company offers support and service throughout all stages of the process and is provided by a team of experienced industry experts across many fields including:





Customer Service

Software Developers

Technical Support

Network Integrators




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